Insects, general

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Interesting wild-bee pages

Die Stechimmen-Seite von Christoph Kornmilch, mit vielen Verweisen (only in German available).

Die Welt der kleinen Krabbeltiere: Geschichten aus dem Leben der Bienen, Hummeln und Wespen von Maria Pfeifer (only in German available)

The newsletter and forum for Hymenoptera Aculeata research.

Die Hummel-Page von Alex Schlecht (only in German available)

Action bumble bee's protection

Informations about bumble bees, wasps and hornet

Pages about leafcutter bees (Megachilidae)

Informations about wild-bee species (only in German available)

Stingless Bees (Meliponinae)

Informations about stingless bees.

Biology of stingless bees. (AMANO, K.; NEMOTO, T.; HEARD, T. A. (2000): What are stingless bees, and why and how to use them as crop pollinators? - Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly Vol. 34)

... and official my employer as well as crane projects

Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig-Halle

In spring 2001 a construction crane was set up in the nature reserve “NSG Burgaue”, which is one part of the Leipzig flood-plain forest (Central Germany). This project was established by the University of Leipzig in cooperation with the Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig-Halle (UFZ) and the city of Leipzig. The crane has a height of 40 m and makes it possible to work in a gondola up to a height of 32 m. The jib has a length of 45 m and the hole crane can be moved along a 120 m rail track. A total area of 1.6 ha can be investigated by crane. Several teams of scientist from the fields of meteorology, ecology, botany, zoology and forestry are working together within the Leipzig Canopy Crane Project.

The International Canopy Network (ICAN) is devoted to facilitating the continuing interaction of people concerned with forest canopies and forest ecosystems around the world.

A global alliance linking studies of forest canopies worldwide into a collaborative programme of research, education and conservation addressing biodiversity, climate change and poverty alleviation

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